Wedding day hair meets simple beauty

The day you get married is one of the most important days of your life, and 2021 wedding days are all the more special since so many were delayed from last year. And even if your plans weren’t impacted by the pandemic, the chance to celebrate with your nearest and dearest is more precious than ever.

With wedding plans back in motion for many, brides are pondering what to do with their hair for their big day. Even if you bought your wedding dress with a 2020 date in mind, your hair is one way you can update your look to make sure it’s totally 2021.

2021 wedding hair trends follow two main themes

A year without consistent access to our beloved hair stylists, and with much more time spent at home, has had a real impact on the trends we’re seeing as couples prepare to tie the knot. The good news is that the top looks for 2021 are totally achievable with a little help from KeraStraight. 

If you’ve been following our blog recently, the first of our two trends won’t come as a huge surprise…

Bridal hair trend #1: Simple beauty + texture

With all those months spent in lockdown, many of us grew to know and love the natural texture of our hair that much better than ever before, and we’re definitely seeing a renewed interest in working with texture (whatever yours might be!) in post-lockdown styles. Bridal hair trends are no exception. 

We’re talking undone-done hair, half-up-half-down styles, natural beachy waves and glorious curls. Or, as Louise Foard, Creative Stylist at Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden puts it, “a soft twisted updo for a beautifully done but not too polished bridal look”. 

Add a simple accessory (headbands are totally in and there are some gorgeous bridal designs out there) and you’ll be the epitome of understated, stunning bridal beauty. 

Bridal hair trend #2: Glossy hair + Hollywood glam

Every trend has its flip side, and where some brides are embracing natural texture, this is counterbalanced perfectly by our second trend. Think Hollywood glamour, glossy locks and simple elegance. This is the one for brides who can’t wait to say goodbye to the lived-in looks of lockdown and are ready to stun with a look that shouts old school luxury from the rooftops (or from the church bell-tower, if you prefer).

Glossy waves held perfectly in place with a silky soft hold are the order of the day. And add even more opulence with a touch of vintage style in your accessories. We think simple (but elegantly tasteful) pearl hair decorations or flowers compliment the glamour of this look perfectly.

Here’s what you should do with your hair BEFORE your wedding day

Every hairstyle looks better when it’s super healthy. With both of 2021’s big trends putting the hair itself front and centre (rather than relying on fancy, complicated up-dos), preparation is everything. In short, let’s get your hair looking and feeling glorious, ready for the big day.

KeraStraight Ultimate Treatment is the absolute best choice if you want your hair to behave on your wedding day! It lasts for up to four months and leaves your hair strong, shiny, soft and smooth, making it brilliantly easy to manage for your bridal style. Make sure you get yourself booked in for an Ultimate Treatment in the weeks (or up to a couple of months) before your wedding.

But if your wedding day is already approaching so fast that you don’t have time to fit in an Ultimate Treatment, don’t panic.

Booking an Intense Boost treatment at your nearest salon is a more time-friendly option if you’re running around sorting out last-minute details with the florist and the caterer. It lasts for up to a month, so you’ll be good right through your honeymoon, too (phew).

And you can top up the condition of your hair at home as the special day gets closer with the help of our miracle home treatments, Moisture Mask and Protein Mask.

KeraStraight can help you get your dream bridal style when the big day arrives 

With the groundwork taken care of thanks to KeraStraight’s conditioning treatments, getting the bridal look you want for your wedding will be so much easier! This is where our Style range comes into its own. These products contain Prothermyn, which strengthens hair as you style, adding even more condition and shine for your big day and beyond.

Before we talk about anything else, the chances are there’s heat styling involved in your big day, so make sure you have Heat Protect on your team to seal in moisture, protect your hair and add a soft hold. This is a perfect starting point.

Next, if you’re going for a romantically textured, undone look, Texture Crème is your best friend. Offering strength, shine, frizz control AND texture all in one product, you can see why (top tip: heat it up to unlock even more mouldable texture!). And if you’re wearing natural curls for your big day, Moisture Mist is the perfect way to revitalise and redefine dry curls ready for you to make your entrance.   

And for Hollywood glamour? Moisture Mist will also nourish, hydrate and refresh your locks so they’re looking fabulous, and Root Boost adds soft volume and hold for that sophisticated style. Use a little of our super-concentrated Ultimate Oil to give you silky shine, calm frizz and tame flyaway hairs, and you’re ready to go!

What look will you choose for your wedding day hair?

Whether it’s loose texture, glossy Hollywood glamour, or something else entirely, share it with us afterwards on social media! We love seeing the looks you create with the help of KeraStraight, even more so when it’s for a wedding!

Best of luck for the big day, from everyone at Team KeraStraight. Whatever style you wear, we know you’ll look gorgeous!

Photo credits:

Stylist: @louisealexandrahair
Salon: @trevorsorbie
Model: @_fletch94
Make up: @faunnash